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Geospatial risk analysis of mosquito-born disease vectors in the Netherlands

Adolfo Ibañez-Justicia

First Detection of the Asian Tiger Mosquito, Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae), in Tunisia 

Bouattour, A., Khrouf, F., Rhim, A. and M’ghirbi, Y.


Tour of Belgium: In search of exotic mosquitoes

Deblauwe, I., Van Meervenne, E.


Predicting tick abundance in Southern Scandinavia using machine learning techniques and satellite imagery – a part of the ScandTick Innovation project

Jung Kjær, L., Korslund, L., Kjelland, V., Slettan, A., Andreassen, A.K., Paulsen, K.M., Christensson, M., Kjellander, P., Teräväinen, M., Soleng, A., Lindstedt, H.H., Schou, K.K., Bødker, R.


Caribbean Veterinary Information System (C-VIS), a pilot GIS platform for regional Avian Influenza surveillance

DeClercq, E.M., Sanford, B., Ducheyne, E., Lazarus, C., Trotman, M.,Desmond, A., Gongora, V., Chavernac, D., Lancelot, R., Pradel, J.


First attempt to model the spatial distribution of mosquito species in the Netherlands using Vecmap

Cianci, D., Ibañez-Justicia, A., Heesterbeek, J.A.P., Hartemink, N.


Abundance modelling of invasive and indigenous Culicoides species in Spain

Ducheyne, E., Miranda, M.A., Lucientes, J., Calvete, C., Estrada, R., Boender, G.J., Goossens, E., DeClercq, E.M., Hendrickx, G.

Spatio-temporal diversity of the mosquito fauna (Diptera: Culicidae) in Switzerland

Schaffner, F., Mathis, A.


VECMAP A One-stop shop for disease vector risk mapping

Wint, W., Ducheyne, E., Hendrickx, G., Bastier, S.


Mapping habitats for vectors of infectious disease: VECMAP

Kruijff, M., Hendrickx, G., Wint, W., Ginati, A.