The main objectives of the SENZITALL service is to provide a reliable and flexible Wireless Network System (WNS) system for pest risk assessment that can be deployed in urban as well as harsh and remote environments. This type of performing WNS, coupled together with the SENZITALL Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS), provides Near Real-Time (NRT) simulations of pest population dynamics. Such simulations are now more commonly used and completely integrated in our society with new applications developed on a regular basis.


The Solution

The key customers segments targeted by our product / service are:

  • The Horticultural sector
    • Focus market: Pears, apples and cherries in Europe
    • Focus market: Olives in the Mediterranean
  • The Pest Control sector
    • Focus market: Hospitality in the Tropics
    • Focus market: Urban Pest Control in France

A conceptual diagram of the system/service

A typical set-up would consist of the following elements:

  • Modular Wireless Sensor Network (Lumency, bvba)
    • Each sensor is equipped with a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) locator or is positioned in a fixed location with known exact coordinates.
    • Smart Gateway with multiple functionalities: (1) data sink for the sensor network and data buffering, (2) uplink towards the Avia-GIS servers and (3) two-way control link for remote configuration and setup of the sensor system.
  • Avia-GIS servers and database (Avia-GIS, NV)
  • End user web application (SDSS) that has a seamless access to our platform trough a web-interface (Avia-GIS, NV)

This project has received funding from ESA Space Solutions