We master all Technology Readiness Levels

The main difference between Avia-GIS and an academic research group is that our research doesn’t stop with writing a paper. After the successful conclusion of a research project, we invest at least as much time and resources into the next stages which are (a) to study the technical and economic feasibility of a potential product, and (b) to conduct demonstration pilots in living labs for the final fine tuning of the marketable prototype.

We obtained a seal of excellence from the European Commission

In January 2018 we obtained a Seal of Excellence from the SME Instrument Initiative from the European Commission for our business plan to bring VECMAP® to the market. A few months later we won an extremely competitive SME Instrument Grant to implement this business plan, finalise the development of SMARTSENZ® and prepare its release planned in March 2020. During the entire process we were fully supported by the Enterprise Europe Network Vlaanderen (EEN-VL) and Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). 

Our flagship products

VECMAP®, our area-wide risk mapping software for research and decision making.

Target audience: researchers and public decision making bodies

Now available!

SMARTSENZ®, our B2B IPM software for pest monitoring and management at the local scale.

Target audience: private and public pest control operators

Under development

Our main innovation funding channels

The European Space Agency (ESA) – Business applications
The European Commission (EC) – Fast track to innovation pilot
SME Instruments
Enterprise Europe Network Vlaanderen (EEN-VL)
Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO)