Tom Matheussen

Software Developer

Belgian, BSc – Tom (1993) graduated in 2014 as a Bachelor of Science, “Electronics-ICT” at Thomas More (Geel, Belgium), with a graduation focus on electronics. As part of his thesis, he created a wireless sensor network based on the Arduino platform. The network had to connect multiple nodes with different sensors to a master module. It was used for monitoring, logging and processing of data, which was wirelessly send using the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Tom’s interest for software development started at the age of 15, when he started programming low level applications in school. During his further studies at Thomas More he learned basics of multiple programming languages, such as assembler, VHDL, C#, C++, HTML and Labview. Because of his growing interest in programming he started learning more advanced programming techniques in C# and C++ on his own. He also started learning MySQL basics to integrate databases inside other programming languages. He joined Avia-GIS in 2014 as a software developer. His main focus is the development, maintenance and improvement of web applications and sites with a focus on Drupal. In addition he is assisting in designing and implementing wireless sensor networks. He is always eager to learn more and better techniques to improve usability and performance of applications.