We provide high-level post-graduate training programs and distance learning platforms tailored to your needs.

PhD program

The program includes Avia-GIS employed and external PhD students.

TELDIEBEESTE – Cost efficient modelling of denominator data for spatial epidemiological studies in extensive livestock systems.  Time frame: 2009-2013 (48 months).  Funding Agency: Resident PhD project co-funded (60%) by the Baekeland PhD program for SME’s of the Flemish Institute for Science and Technology (IWT, Brussels, Belgium).  Executing Agency: Avia-GIS with the scientific collaboration of the University of Antwerp (UA, Antwerp, Belgium).  Objective: Develop a cost efficient survey and modelling approach for producing livestock distribution maps in developing countries.  Geographic: Africa, Uganda.

MSc course on GIS in epidemiology

Avia-GIS provides an annual resident post-graduate resident module (3 weeks) on GIS and Epidemiology as part of the MSc of Tropical Animal Health of the Institute for Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium (5 ECTS credits). The course is provided each other year in French and English.

A-la-carte distance learning programs

A-la-carte distance learning programs for FP7 integrated research projects hosting up to 20 participants with annual cycles at increasing level of complexity covering the entire duration of the project (3-5 years). Each cycle starts with a face-to-face workshop and is continued with a 3 or 6 month distance learning part.

Tailored capacity building

On-demand advanced courses on spatial modeling and ‘R’ using data provided by the user and tailored exercises. Duration depending on the user needs.

EPIGENESIS – One Health approach to integrate Guadeloupe research on vector-borne and emerging diseases in the ERA: from characterization of emergence mechanisms to innovative approaches for prediction and control.  Timeframe: 2013-2016 (36 months).  Funding Agency: Coordination and support action funded by the Seventh Framework Program (FP7), Brussels, Belgium.  Executing Agency: Avia-GIS is subcontracting to CIRAD (Montpellier, France) who is coordinating this project.  Objective: Avia-GIS is providing capacity building input as a series of eight resident courses in Guadeloupe and five sessions of hands-on training in the head office of Avia-GIS (Zoersel, Belgium) on: (1) Spatial epidemiology, spatial modelling and remote sensing (2) Medical entomology.  Geographic: Caribbean, Guadeloupe.