PPM Unit

The PPM Unit focuses on the management of vector-borne diseases (VBDs) of public and veterinary health importance with a particular emphasis on vector distribution and abundance and how to collect, manage and integrate vector data at various scales (*) to reduce nuisance and control disease.

(*) Scales at which the Unit operates include: continent, region, country, landscape element, local communities, and households.

Research and innovation:

  • Spatial modeling: spatial sampling strategies & sample size, spatial distribution & abundance models, spatial uncertainty of model outputs, identification of donor and receptor areas for invasive species;
  • Vector population dynamics;
  • Image-processing chains and integration of time-series acquired from satellites and unmanned airborne vehicles (UAV);
  • Air-borne trapping devices. 

Products developed by the PPM unit:

  • VECMAP™, a ‘One Stop Shop’ software package for vector mapping;
  • SmartVEC™, an on-demand information system for VBD outbreak management at the household level (demo stage);
  • SensRiZK™ (PAT2502474EP00) a service to remotely monitor and control insect pests (demo stage).

PPM products are commercialized by Avia-SenZ, an Avia-GIS sales spin-off.