Euro-AEGIS, European Agro-Environmental health GIS associates EEIG, is a European Economical Interest Grouping (EEIG) founded by Avia-GIS (Zoersel, Belgium) and ERGO (Oxford, UK) in 2004.The general objective of Euro-AEGIS is to assist in the development of and promote GIS and RS products and applications and training in agro-environmental monitoring, disease surveillance and environmental assessment for sustainable development.To achieve this the services provided by Euro-AEGIS include: independent, professional advice on agro-environmental monitoring, disease surveillance and environmental assessment; remote sensing applications and GIS development; compilation, mapping and dissemination of standard, area-wide thematic products: agricultural resources, vegetation and land use, livestock distributions, greenhouse gas emissions, disease risk, nutrient excess, pollution risk, protected areas and wildlife habitats etc.; the development of web-based archiving and thematic information systems, capacity building; and websites.The members of Euro-AEGIS have a well established track record of collaboration with national governments and international agencies; GIS and remote sensing applications expertise; desk-top-publishing and website development; close contacts with the European research community.